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Patients who had pectus excavatum surgery are shown standing with Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski after she gave her TEDx Talk - The Power of Finding Your Niche, at Tedx Fountain Hills in Arizona. Dr. Jarozewski specializes in the surgery to correct pectus excavatum, a common chest wall deformity.

In 2017, Dr. Jaroszewski gave a Ted Talk in Fountain Hills, AZ.
Her patients showed up from all over the country to support her.

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Pectus Surgery With Dr. J

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Why Have
Pectus Surgery With Dr. J?

"As parents to a Pectus repair patient, our perspective comes from intense searching, research, & consulting w/ possible PE surgeons over a 10 year period to correct our son's extreme PE repair. He was coming into the process w/ a HI of 11+ & severe rib flare. Upon consulting w/ Dr. Jaroszewski (Dr. J) we knew walking away from that meeting, Dr. J would perform his surgery. The process required 3 bars for 3 years. Our son had the bars removed in 2018. Fast forward to 2023, and there is no regression, even though our son was one of the severe cases. We would without hesitation, highly recommend & wholeheartedly trust Dr. Jaroszewski's judgement & expert hands w/ all things Pectus Excavatum related. We have a true expert in the field and we are so thankful our family, our son, had her as his expert surgeon! He can now live his life normally, like the rest of us."

"Dr J changed my life , not only physically but emotionally as well. She is the only doctor who believed me , made me feel heard and everything I was experiencing was valid. I went from periods of 120-200 bpm heart heart, stabbing chest pains affecting my daily life each day, and periods feeling like I was going to passout because I was so short of breath. Since surgery , I am able to resume more activities then I ever were to before without any symptoms. The anxiety and mental stress I faced was lifted off my shoulders. Dr J is truly my hero , and changed my life in so many ways She is not only an expert but an artist and magician. Thanks to her expertise and modern medicine i had minimal pain, if any, after surgery. Although there is some discomfort throughout the recovery process she and her team have ensured the best care i could ask for to keep me as comfortable and productive as possible. After a lifetime of medical professionals who truly didnt understand, Dr J and her team listened, they cared, and they delivered some amazing results. "

"Dr. J was the first doctor to explain my symptoms and take me seriously. I spent years being told my symptoms were simply anxiety. Pectus excavatum was simply something that would be noted during testing but never highlighted as a potential cause from previous doctors. I had surgery and even had a healthy pregnancy with three bars in place! I’m so thankful for Dr. J and her team!"

"The cardiologist who I asked to refer me to Dr J scoffed at me. Dr J and her team welcomed me and explained my condition with no judgement. Life before and after pectus bars is completely different, If you have pectus and are having symptoms I 100% recommend Dr J."

"Dr.J has so much knowledge and experience, she is the one to trust with such a serious procedure. Her policy and procedures before and after surgery and her expertise in surgery make for the best possible outcome for a tough surgery! I am “Team Dr.J” all the way!!!!"

Visiting Dr. Jaroszewski
In Phoenix, AZ

Video Resources

Dr. J Explains Her Techniques
(Watch on YouTube)

Image by Christoph von Gellhorn
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