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Preparing for Pectus Surgery

The Consult and Surgery
The Day Before Surgery:
The day before surgery you will receive a schedule of required preop testing and an appointment with the pectus team for last-minute questions. You will also receive the check-in time for your surgery. 
The Day of Surgery
The morning of surgery you will check into Mayo Clinic at the registration desk on the first floor. You will then be directed to the second floor to be prepped for surgery. This includes placement of an IV line, meeting with anesthesia and a quick visit from Dr. J.  
During the surgery, your family is encouraged to stay on Mayo Clinic's campus. When possible, they will be updated during the procedure. After the surgery is complete, Dr. J will meet with your family and discuss the operation. 
Immediately after surgery you will be recovering in the PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit). Once stable you will be transfered to a private room, where your family can come and visit you.
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