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How to Start Your Pectus Journey

1.) Registration
In order for Dr. Jaroszewski to review your records, you must first register with Mayo Clinic. You can either call the Mayo Clinic Appointment Office: (800) 446-2279 or register online at:
Registration is free. Establishing a medical record number is important to keep track of outside records and correspondence prior to meeting with Dr. J. The Appointment Office will contact you within 48-72 hours to complete your registration and provide you with a Medical Record Number for Mayo Clinic and schedule a consultation.
2.) Insurance
You are encouraged to check with your insurance company to see if Dr. J and Mayo Clinic are within your network. ​This website is helpful for searching for contracted health plans with Mayo Clinic Arizona
3.) Preoperative Testing
It is preferred that all preoperative testing be done at Mayo Clinic Arizona. When a patient has already had testing done elsewhere, they will need to send it in at least one month ahead of their visit for Dr. Jaroszewski to review. She will determine whether or not the test meets our protocol for evaluation standards or if it will need to be repeated. These tests are critical to Dr. Jaroszewski deciding whether or not the patient's health is affected and getting insurance coverage if surgery is deemed appropriate. 
4.) Traveling to Phoenix
If you are traveling to Phoenix for surgery we would suggest spending 7-10 days amount of time. Arrive 2 days before your surgery, plan on spending 1-2 days in the hospital, then give yourself 3 to 5 days to recover in Phoenix prior to postoperative appointment, in case of any complications.
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