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How Does Dr. Jaroszewski Treat Pectus Excavatum?

Dr. Jaroszewski's Techniques
Dr. Jaroszewski uses the following techniques, which are unique to her practice:
1.) Forced Sternal Elevation
Dr. J lifts the sternum away from the heart by using a bone clamp and the Rultract, in order to ensure the bars will cross the chest wall safely and minimize possible trauma to the chest muscles and organs during the procedure.
2.) Shorter, Multiple bars
Dr. J uses shorter bar lengths that curve gently around the front of the chest and do not cause significant restriction to movement. The use of shorter bars will help with bending and twisting side to side.
Multiple bars are chosen to distribute pressure of the chest wall on the bars and to give a better overall contour and cosmetic result.
Most patients need 2 bars with 34% of patients requiring a third bar.
3.) FiberWire
Dr. J uses FiberWire, a high weight, braided plastic suture to secure the bars to the ribs.
She weaves the FiberWire around multiple points to reduce the chance of bar displacement.
Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 6.34.02 PM.png
5.) Pain Management Techniques
Dr J uses a poly-pharmacy approach to pain management. Pain is kept under control through the use of multiple medications, and during surgery, Dr J will more often use cryo-ablation to freeze the nerves and provide post-operative pain relief. For those who do not want cryo-ablation, Dr J will use an On-Q pain pump, by inserting a thin tube underneath the skin to deliver a numbing medication.
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